The Black Mountain by Rex Stout

Read: 2 July, 2007

When Nero Wolfe’s friend, Marko Vukcic, is killed, Wolfe vows to find the murderer. When Wolfe’s adopted daughter, Carla, goes to Montenegro to take over Vukcic’s affairs with a rebel group and is also murderer, Wolfe decides to finally leave his New York apartment and travel to the land of his birth.

An odd choice for my first book to read since it is so consciously breaking all of the trademarks of the the series. The novel reads almost more like a travel narrative set with already known characters than it does like a mystery. The ending is disappointing in that the mystery is solved merely because Archie and Wolfe happen to be at exactly the right place at exactly the right time and manage to overhear the baddie tell a prisoner his entire plan. If you are looking for a good mystery, turn away now. But the novel has beautiful descriptions of the area and is well worth a read despite its many flaws.

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