Serenity: Better Days by Joss Whedon (script by Brett Matthews, art by Will Conrad)

Read: 26 July, 2013

When I reviewed Those Left Behind, I complained that the artist seemed too focused on capturing the look  of the actors, and the result was that expression was frequently sacrificed. Though still a problem in Better Days, it was far less so. The representations of Inara were also much improved – she actually looks like Morena Baccarin in a few panels.

I also complained about the dialogue. I said that it was fine, but that the humour seemed rather more nostalgic and referential than feeling like an actual part of the series. This is where Better Days really took a dive. The dialogue had me cringing in several places, and the “voice” of the characters seems to have been largely lost. Aside from a few “Westernisms,” the characters could easily have been switched out for another set without anyone noticing.

I also had trouble with the plotting. The scene transitions were poorly done, often leaving me to wonder if a page had been lost at some point. Stuff just seems to happen, and the whole plot just felt very rushed.

The artwork is beautiful, but that’s about all I can say about this book. It fails to further either characters or main plot and, because the dialogue is so poorly written, it doesn’t even feel like at least I’m getting a little more Firefly.

Overall, I was disappointed. I was a little disappointed by Those Left Behind, but Better Days really let me down.

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