The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction by Philip Athans

Read: 28 July, 2013

I enjoy reading “how to write” guides because I find them so informative – not in my own writing, but more in my reading. For some reason, they seem to speak to me more than the “how to read” guides I’ve tried.

These sorts of guides highlight things that writers should be paying attention to, and that translates well into what readers should be paying attention to. I feel that it gives me some insight into thought and planning that may have gone into whatever book I happen to be reading.

The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction is quite a good book, presenting six steps (each broken down into a number of smaller considerations). Of course, following the steps won’t produce a good book, but they do highlight the things that a writer will need to think about to write in the genre.

I found it interesting, and I think that it does have some use for both writers and readers. And, while geared specifically towards fantasy and science fiction, plenty of the advice is applicable toward other genres.

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