Bruno Courrèges Mystery #5: The Devil’s Cave by Martin Walker

Read: 8 September, 2013

Whenever I get to see my dad, we usually have fun trading book recommendations – almost always mystery series because it’s our biggest genre overlap. This summer, he sent me home with a copy of The Devil’s Cave.

Though I generally prefer starting a series at the beginning, it was the only one my dad had with him. Even so, I didn’t get the impression that it matters too much, as the narrative is reasonably self-contained (barring the odd, rare references to past events and character histories).

Bruno, the investigator, is a fun character. He is very down-to-earth and his mandatory eccentricities (all investigators require eccentricities, it’s like a law of the mystery genre) are quite fun – he is obsessed with food, cooking delicious meals at least ever 50 pages or so, and he is very involved with his community. Unlike the usual “doing it his own way / lone wolf” investigator, Bruno teaches sports to local kids, stops by the weekly market to chat with shoppers and stall holders, and must balance the needs of the investigation with his social calendar. It makes for a very refreshing change.

The cooking was also quite fun to read about. Walker uses enough detail to allow me to recreate a few of the dishes (with my own modifications, of course), much to my family’s delight. So far, I’ve had success with the fried/broth rice and the beer chicken.

The mystery itself was a lot of fun. My favourite type of investigator narrative is the one where the reader is privy to all the clues and is able to guess at the resolution, essentially pitting her/his deductive powers against the investigator’s. That’s exactly what happens here, and yet Bruno still surprised me often with his inventiveness and his ability to think two steps ahead of the baddies (all the while playing with the “rules” of the genre).

The setting, of course, is quite idyllic, with characters to match (though not lacking in complexity).

I’ll definitely be seeking out more from this series, and I highly recommend it.

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