The Hollows #2: The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison

Read: 10 October, 2013

I had a lot of negative things to say about Dead Witch Walking, mostly involving contrived plot hinges and senseless decisions. I had been recommended the series as a friend and wanted to stick it through because of that, but I was unimpressed and waited a long time before I bothered to pick up the next book.

I’m really glad that I took my friend’s advice and kept reading! The second book is a huge improvement. The plot is much tighter, the character motives are clearer, the suspense is more believable… All around, it’s a far better book. It also answers many of the questions from the first that had bugged me, and is much better at asking questions for future instalments (one of the complaints I had about the first book was that there were plot elements that I was confused about and only figured out that I was supposed to be confused by looking them up online – nothing in the text had hinted that the mysteries were still open).

That being said, I did find Morgan’s fixation on Trent rather disquieting. There really wasn’t a reason for her to think he was involved in the murders she was investigating, yet she hounds him down anyway. Then her behaviour in the case was utterly incomprehensible (and her realization of how inappropriate she’d been didn’t seem to explain why she’d ever thought her actions were a good idea in the first place). The lengthy arguments with the F.I.B. officers over her wanting to just accuse and lock up Trent without anything more than her suspicions were tiresome and frustrating.

Even so, I can definitely see the series picking up, and I think I can now consider myself “into it.”

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