The Year I Stopped Reading Men

After a glut of female authors, Anna Szymanski read a novel by a male author and was not impressed. “It was like when you turn on a TV set after spending a significant period of time streaming television online. Suddenly, you’re covering your ears and asking why those Kia hamsters can’t play a different song. You never used to notice the commercials, but now they’re all you can hear.”

In her article, Szymanski argues that school curricula should be including more female authors at all grade levels. “We need to support the work of female writers, including female writers of color and lesbian writers and everyone else whose story is almost always filtered through a white, male lens. We need to arm young women with the critical understanding that their experience is valid — that they are not a trope or a category. Leaving a few Dickens novels off the syllabus in favor of some Virginia Woolf or Jamaica Kincaid may be a small step. But it’s a start.”

It’s an interesting article, and I recommend reading the whole thing.

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