The Great Culling

Great Culling

My husband has often threatened to burn my books, particularly when we’ve had to move (twice now) for the extra space to accommodate them. When we were moving into this house, his “deal” was that I could keep my books but I had to move them all myself. I showed him in the end, though, because I totally did and build some mad muscle definition in the process. 
His next “deal” was that I could only keep as many books as I could fit on our bookshelves. No more stacks! Thankfully, two friends have each gifted me a bookcase since then. Even so, I’ve developed a new system – all the books I’ve read go on the bookshelves in the livingroom. Then I have a bookcase in my office for books that I’ve bought but not read yet (with two rows of books per shelf, plus stacks on the top of each row). As I read them, I either move them onto the primary bookshelves if I love them, or I donate them to the library if I don’t. As more books are added to the primary bookshelves, they knock off ones already there that I’m not completely attached to. So far, it’s working fairly well. 
(h/t: Edward Spoonhands)

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