Petunia the Silly Goose by Roger Duvoisin

Read: August, 2015

We were visiting a friend who let us read this book, over and over again, while we stayed in her home. The edition she had, which I can only seem to find on AbeBooks, had several Petunia stories (Petunia, Petunia, Beware!, Petunia’s Treasure, Petunia’s Christmas, and Petunia Takes a Trip).

My son absolutely loved these stories. In the week and a half that we were there, he asked for that book every night, and had even started memorizing several of the pages. Something about Petunia just really appealed to him.

The illustrations are in block colours, which I’ve found tend to appeal to kids. The stories themselves have a repetitive rhythm to them that makes them fun to read aloud with kids (especially if the kids are asked to supply the odd line, in accordance with the pattern).

Each story also includes a moral. I usually cringe at those, especially if they are overly heavy-handed or – as is often the case with older books – rather outdated. But Petunia’s morals have largely held up, and they gave us some matters for discussion, which I appreciated.

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