Tensorate #1: The Black Tides of Heaven by J.Y. Yang

Read: 13 February, 2018

I loved this story for all the things it does differently – for its setting, for its take on gender, for its take on homosexual relationships, etc.I just wish that the author had taken more time with it all.

This is a short enough story as it is, made even shorter as we are whisked along on a whirlwind tour of the first 35 years of Akeha and Mokoya’s lives. The scenes we are privy to are important, but so much of the character development happens off-screen.

This is a fantastic start, but the series needs a lot more exploration. I hope that there’ll be more details filled in by the sequels, because this story has a lot of potential.

More books in the Tensorate series:

  1. The Black Tides of Heaven
  2. The Red Threads of Fortune
  3. The Descent of Monsters
  4. To Ascend to Godhood

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