The Murderbot Diaries #1: All Systems Red by Martha Wells

Read: 6 February, 2019

I absolutely love Murderbot!

This is a short little novella about a SecUnit (think security android), from its own perspective, as it tries to protect its crew when absolutely everything is going wrong. I feel Murderbot’s anxiety and snark.

The mystery itself started out really well, with a good creeping “something isn’t right” feeling, but I did feel that the resolution was a little rushed. When we find out who is behind the mystery, and why, it comes somewhat out of left field, and is resolved almost as an afterthought. I do appreciate that this is more of a character study than a mystery, but I still would have preferred a bit more time with the mystery as well.

This is a very small complaint, though, and I had a lot of fun with this story.

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