No Man’s Land by G.M. Ford

Read: 11 August, 2010

It’s impossible to escape from Mesa Azul. But, like the majority of stories that open in an impossible-to-escape prison, this is the story of the one person who escaped from it. Well, the three people, actually. Timothy Driver takes fellow inmate Kehoe and author Frank Corso along with him.

I read this last year and had to hurry through it so I could return it before boarding a plane,  so my memory is woefully spotty. I do remember enjoying it, as I do most detective novels, although the fact that I remember very little is perhaps an indication that this one didn’t have have that special humph to convince my brain that it was worth remembering.

The story is filled with quirky characters with backstories. I was particularly interested in the journalist who helped create an alternate world Amber Alert after her daughter was killed. The idea of grief mixed in with her desire for public attention was messy and interesting.

I’d say that this is a perfectly good mystery story for fans of that sort of thing.

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