H.R. Giger MuseumAside from being an avid reader, I also dabble in writing and am working on a multi-year project to blog my way through the Bible.

I particularly enjoy speculative fiction of various kinds, and read a fair deal of fantasy and science fiction. Where I read non-fiction, it will usually be skill-building “how to” books, books about religion, books relating to various aspects of the European medieval period, and the (very) occasional science-related book.

WARNING: I do try to avoid spoilers, particularly on my later reviews, but it does happen occasionally. I’ll try to provide a warning, but if I forget, well, let this serve. Also, I write reviews in a train of thought fashion, rarely giving the books the analysis they deserve. As a result, I am most certainly wrong in my opinion of them. Feel free to tell me so.

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  1. Love that picture of the inside of a gun. Here’s an option for review. If you’d like a mobi copy, please let me know. Thanks for the opportunity to write to you.

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