The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

Someone on a mommy board I like to troll recently asked if it was worthwhile getting a doula for her upcoming labour. This reminded me of the The Birth Partner, and how useful my family found it when my son was born.

My gentleman friend and I are fairly private, and it can take us a long time (far longer than the tight time-frame of a pregnancy affords) to learn to trust new people. We resigned ourselves to the idea that some kind of medical professional should attend us, but we didn’t want to add more people on top of that. When we discussed this with our midwife, she recommended that D read The Birth Partner.

We looked at a few other labour resources during our pregnancy, but we found that most were either way to clinical or way to kooky (orgasmic births, anyone?). But we found that The Birth Partner actually covered the full spectrum – from “natural” pain management to medical intervention. It also discusses the stages of labour and ways to cope with each, and provided helpful lists of things to prepare ahead of time.

I read through it once, but D studied it quite closely. This was invaluable when the time came because he was prepared to handle me in all my states and was able to guide me through. He found it so useful in helping him prepare for his role as my “partner” that he has been recommending to all dads-to-be that they pick up a copy.

It’s a great book for giving dads-to-be a way to prepare and feel like they have something to contribute during what is generally a very stressful and overwhelming time.

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