How To Have Your Second Child First by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen

Read: 25 August, 2011

As a new parent, it seems that I’m always one step behind my son. Just as I’ve figured out how to deal with one of his quirks, he passes into a new phase and my awesome new strategy is no longer useful.

That’s where How To Have Your Second Child First comes in. The idea is to have parents who’ve already been through the process ‘spill the beans’ so that first time parents can avoid making all the mistakes that first time parents always make. For example, how important is it to warm your baby’s bottle? Does a household really need to be kept in total silence while the baby is sleeping? Does everything your baby might touch need to be sterilized?

The book is organized like a list of lessons, each with some explanation and quotes from ‘experienced’ parents. Like most of these books, it’s a mix of really good advice and advice that may simply not fit your family. So I’ll give the same speech I always give for parenting books: Have a read through and take away what makes sense for you, ignore the rest.

That being said, I do think that the book’s underlying message is incredibly important. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you won’t break your baby.

My son is nearly six months old, so I definitely read this too late for it to be of much help. It would be far better as a baby shower gift, or a 2nd-3rd trimester library take-out. I do think it should be on every parent-to-be’s reading list.

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