Legendary Northwoods Animals: A Field Guide by Galen Winter, illustrated by John Boettcher

Read: 21 August, 2015

I recently found myself in a friend’s home in Wisconsin with nothing to read. This was part of the plan; I never bring more to read when I visit this friend than is strictly necessary for getting there, because she has the most wonderful book collection. Books, in fact, just like this one.

The premise is explained in the title, it is a field guide to the legendary animals of the northwoods. Except there’s no hodag, or other “established” legendary animals. Rather, Winter has just made up a bunch of legendary animals, then treated them as real, for a larf.

And a larf it is! I especially appreciated the number of slow-build jokes, where a detail mentioned early in the entry might not pay off until the very end of that entry, when it suddenly becomes clear that the name of the creature, read backwards, is the joke (for example).

While very funny throughout, I did find that it started to drag a bit by the end, and I don’t think that this book was meant to be read from cover to cover. Rather, this a book you might put on your coffee table or in your bathroom to be read an entry or two at a time.

The illustrations, done by John Boettcher, were quite beautiful. I enjoyed the wood-cut style, and they did a great job at capturing the absurd animals.

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