The Absolute Best Play Days by Pamela Waterman

Absolute Best suggests a number of different “themes” (such as Pirates, Boats, Farmlife, Geology, etc), with several different activity ideas for each. The activities are organized by those that involve arts and crafts, those that can safely be done indoors, those that really should be taken outdoors, and those that involve music – with special notes added for activities to do with older children. The idea being to organize children’s play into theme days, where they can explore a topic from a number of different angles and with different media.

It’s an interesting idea, and some of the suggested activities looked intriguing, but overall I found both the themes and the suggested activities rather obvious. A lot of it has to do with the age range, I’m sure, but I still found myself a little disappointed.

I think that this is a good book to grab from the library rather than buy, and flip through for activity ideas. The theme days concept is fine, but the activities would work just as well as stand-alones.

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