Series: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (illustrated by Fiona Staples)

I was recommended this series a little while ago and finally got around to reading it. I was instantly addicted, only to then find out that there’s only two volumes out with a publishing rate that looks to be about one per year. It’s like A Song of Ice and Fire all over again…

The storyline is quite interesting – it’s a Romeo and Juliet story between two aliens from planets (well, one planet and one moon) at war, told from the perspective of their daughter. The characters are interesting and amusing, and the plot compelling.

The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. My only caveat is that if you borrow these books from the library, you should try not to read them in the children’s books section while waiting for your toddler to select his books. The giant with the massive scrotum was, in retrospect, a little inappropriate.

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Saga by Jeff Janoda

Read: 1 April, 2010

In Medieval Iceland, two farmers fight over a piece of land. When Ulfar turns to a local chieftain for help, he sets in motion a series of events, of schemes and counter-schemes, that will not be put to rest until much blood has been spilled and the political landscape of Swan’s Fjord has been changed forever.

Saga is a wonderful book based on the old Icelandic sagas. The story is fantastic and the storytelling does it justice. Janoda manages to build and maintain suspense. and the climax is masterfully pulled off. He also manages to capture the element of “cabin fever” in a landscape that forces families to be indoors for many months each year. This was one of those books that I felt sad to finish, wishing it could have kept going. Definitely a rare treasure of a book and highly recommended!

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